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Your Free, Complete, Assessment
Solution with included

"To us, open source means providing you our best software, not an inferior version."

    From a quick quiz on your phone to large scale,    
high stakes, proctored desktop testing,
we provide the means.

On your network, on your hardware,
to ensure your privacy.

With Economic Scalability

Immediate detailed results.

Detailed results of which students got which questions correct.

Avoids vendor lockin:
Create, export/import/convert questions to common/standard formats.
Includes text and images.

Installs on:
Laptop, desktop, server or cloud.
(Windows 10/11 - Linux - Mac OS)

Available on:
Android & Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave browsers

A quiz being conducted on a phone.

An exam being conducted on a laptop.

We support our Open Source software.

Our mission:
To be 'the default assessment solution for general use' by providing this free, continually evolving software for everyone.

Why pay for assessment software when you can own comparable software for free?

QST was designed to supersede commercial assessment software.

   Perl, the langauge our software is written in has proven to be one of the most stable and robust over decades of use by fortune 500 companies. Our feature set is very substantial (and always growing from your suggestions) and our analytics are second to none. Little support is required because, well, it's Perl. If you need help installing or scaling we provide free email assistance.

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